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Subsurface Utility Engineering

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The inability to obtain reliable underground utility information has long been a problem in the United States. Honolulu utility contractors utilizes our engineering consultants and professionals to identify the subsurface utility information desirable for project planning. Our crews then manage the level of information during the development stages of the projects to complete timelines without start-up delays. This engineering practice is known as Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE).

Subsurface Utility Engineers, llc is in accordance with ASCE.

*Quality Level D: Record Research and Data Collection

*Quality Level C: Visible and Surface Utility Survey

*Quality Level B: Utility Designation

*Quality Level A: Underground Utility Locating and Potholing

About Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC  

Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC is a specialty engineering service that investigates existing underground utilities through the analysis of collection and creates new utility as-built designs for municipalities, state, federal or military projects. Our mission is to create an underground mixed reality snap-shot that involves an extensive review of as-built records, computer surface scans, geophysical investigations and verification methods. Our experience staff can assist your project with utility design, subsurface utility mapping, mixed reality augmentation and AutoCAD deliverables. We are a single source provider of all phases of Subsurface Utility Engineering in Hawaii. …SUE Hawaii

Subsurface Utility Investigations (Toning)

Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC is an experienced provider of underground utility investigations, ground penetrating radar scanning and pipe-utility locating services. We have been a private utility locator, providing utility locating services in Hawaii since 2013. We are guided by the PUC, NULCA and 811 Hawaii One Call Notification Center with the due diligence of using appropriate geophysical methods to determine the existence and horizontal positions of subsurface utilities.

Surface Utility Scanning (360-Degrees)

3D or Three dimensional laser scans are quickly becoming the most cost efficient and accurate method of developing as-built conditions of existing structures and surfaces. This process involves the use of a 3D Laser scanner to produce a point cloud of surfaces, buildings, structures and physical features. This 3D point cloud can then be easily attached to all Autodesk design software platforms. Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC operates a Trimble® SX10 Laser Scanning total station. These scanners collect millions 3D points per second while performing 360 degree scans. Distances to all 3D points are collected to +/- 2mm accuracy. The scanners also provide rich panoramic color photographs of all areas scanned. All of this data is processed in AutoDesk software.

Surveying Mapping and Design (AutoCAD)

Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC can provide methods of identification that on-site project managers need for problem solving capabilities. Our production of certified and modern as-built maps, subsurface utility maps, test hole maps and exact AutoCAD deliverables increases your project’s rate of success. Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC provides signed and sealed design drawings executed by a duly licensed Professional Engineer (PE) certified in the states of Hawaii and California.

Mixed Reality Augmentation (SiteVision®)

Mixed Reality is a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking the links between human, computer, and environmental interaction. This new reality is based on advancements in computer vision, graphical processing, and display technology. The SiteVision® is used to accurately display the subsurface utility pipe’s in augmented reality and render a three-dimensional depiction of the subsurface utility pipes located in a virtual excavation.

Send us your RFP and RFQ for a free quote, insurance prospective and rate sheet. We are a “good standing” licensed engineering firm in the City of Honolulu, State of Hawaii, on the Island of Oahu.

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