Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC

SUE Hawaii

Subsurface Utility Engineers

Founded by a group of professionals with 50 years of combined experience in city, state, federal, and military projects in California and Hawaii. SUE Hawaii focuses on contributions to areas where costruction projects need underground insight to include a development path from the unknown.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your project goals. At Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC, our business is to clear the way for projects to be on budget and schedule. Whether you need assistance with underground utility research, site planning, design build and/or augmentation, we have services to plan your project without delays.

Satisfactory Results

SUE Hawaii has worked with local private businesses, public utilities, joint ventures and everything in-between. We provide a guarantee that is the industry standard. The Gold Standard.

Send RFP and/or RFQ for a formal quote, insurance prospective, and rate sheet. Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC is a good standing licensed engineering firm in the City of Honolulu, State of Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.

Underground Utility and Pipe Locators
3D Voxler Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning
Pothole Verification and Integrity Reports
Trimble Total Station GPS BIM Scanning
GPS Point Documentation and Mapping
Design Planning Utility Infrastructures
Utility Analysis and Integrations
Virtual Reality Augmentation Site Vision


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